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Recent Comments:
"Refreshing to see women and sexual themes positively addressed."
C. Williams, Psychoanalyst

"Elegant genius, " regarding the V Series : 69 Paintings,
G. Polenghi, Sacred Art School,  Firenze.- Italy

So many fond memories of our formative years @ OCA.  Your art was,
and remains to be, the most feminine I have encountered.  Sexy!  If my
memory serves me correctly,, I said I’d crawl a mile on broken glass
for a piece of your art. G. Weber

Hello Sharon,
Regarding the V Series. Oh my heavens...I absolutely LOVE  your
paintings. Down By The C. is curly pubic hair! When has pubic hair
been that feminine?  I love the coloured background in your pictures...
My favourite painting of yours so far is the CHERRY BLOSSOM with the
pistin of the flower placed so stratigically.

Your logo for the V Series.  BRILLIANT!   It is genius....I love the dot for
the bellybutton AND your V in Ventura that is shaped like a trendy
VAGINA!  Only YOU could put such a classy spin on such a subject!!!!!   

There was a reason for you to witness works that you found offensive
because they inspired you to do the "V" series! Enjoy Venice!
C. Kramer

Re Franklin portrait:  Brilliant in both concept and execution!
Gordon Weber

Regarding Franklin portrait. Genius. Love composition and elements
which so relate to her life and legacy. Congrats. S. Tepner.

Modern day Rubens.  No one is painting like you. Today I saw art.
Thank you. D.B. Stein

Your Talents have been brought to such a high level of imagination,
and reality and so emotional. Your creativity obviously has no
parameters and no limitations. Truly the sky and the mind have no
limits and I am sincerely impressed with the sensitivity and the
emotionalism of your work Sharon.
Wishing you and your artistic development all the very best for a
promising and successful Future.
Your ‘once upon a time’ Piano teacher.
Der Mensch, die Kunst und die Freude an beiden.
Mr. Schmoll, Toronto, Canada

" ... beautiful, emotional, intelligence pervades your work."
Dr. T. Anthony, United Kingdom

"Your work captures something which cannot be described in
words."   M. Prenen

"Wenn ich ich mir diese Frauen ansehe, sehe ich nicht Farbe, Linien,
Kurven, Leinwand und Rahmen. Es ist vielmehr so, dass diese Dinge
rasch von etwas anderem verdrängt werden:
Es sind Augen, die anfangen zu erzählen. Es sind die Seelen, die mich
einladen, sie zu ergründen. Es sind Geheimnisse, die erforscht werden
wollen. Es sind Geschichten, die jede der Frauen erzählen will und jede
einzelne hat ihre eigenen Geschichten zu erzählen.
Wenn man sich die Zeit nimmt und sich auf die Person hinter dem Bild
einlässt, ist es, als wenn man jemanden kennenlernt - und die
Persönlichkeiten sind alles andere als "oberflächlich".
Eine scheinbar lebende Seele auf die Leinwand zu bringen - das nenne
ich eine Gabe!"  S. Schlaffer

Ms. Ventura, your work is something out of this world.
One of the greatest figurative artists on the web. Thank you for
indulging us in your unique representation of the female figure, with
curvacious lines and bold color you invite us to become one with your
work.  You have truly put a sparkle in my eye with your take on the
female figure.  M Van Hellfeld

Your work truly captures the essence of what an artist should be
portrayed as. My wife and I enjoyed browsing your site. We have
shown your site to family and friends and they also have become fans
of your excellent work. J.Worthington

Ms. Ventura your artwork pushes the boundaries of the norm. I truly
find your work inspirational to women everywhere saying that no
matter the size of the woman true beauty shines through.
M. Blumenthal

Les peintures sont très belles et pleines de sensibilité sexuelle -
Collector - J. Bojarski

I "LOVE"  your painting HEART OF GOLD. Please inform     me of your
next  show.  H. Piles

Your style of art is so striking. I love the simplicity and art nouveau
influences. R. Pierce

Your work reminds me of a blend of Gauguin and Warhol.
Tom Martin

Absolutely voluptuous beauty. Keep up the great work!
Jim Von Kirk

We love the uniqueness of your work. Tom & Lenae

You have such a phenomenal insight into the female spirit.
I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you. Christina Reddi

I think of Toulouse Lautrec and Beardsley when I see your work, but it
is clear you have your own unique style. B. Warner
Comments For Ventura "V" Series: 69 Paintings
Florence Biennale 2017

"I know the importance of art and you bring
artistic genius to this event." G. Salvatore

"Your work of female sexuality as art is greatly
appreciated. Thank you Sharon." Santos

"A feast for the eyes. I can't stop smiling."  Emilio

"I appreciate with gratefulness your female
nature and joyful, positive representation. This
is what is needed in today's art. Compliments
and best wishes for your success." Francesca

"Congratulations from the heart. I adore your
style because it is so original and full of positive
vibrations. I am sure that Florence appreciates
your work that for me has great value."

I appreciate your work so much because it is
unique and rare."

"Kisses to you because of your very beautiful
works. We adore the elegance and femininity
your paintings express." Katie and Elena

"Your project gives a beautiful vision of women
in different forms. Compliments." Virginia

"One sees in your works a deepness of thought,
intensity and elegance which captivates me.
Bravo. You are definitely an artist of today's
contemporary art scene."  Antonio