Sharon Ventura
                                Artist Statement

In the Figurative Series, I take the iconic, voluptuous Aphrodite woman as my "everywoman,"
and use line and colour to open up a visual dialogue and experience. Behind every painting
there is a story which snapshots a moment in
my experience. The focus is the figure: not the
background.  So, there are no distractions.
Time for inner contemplation and what ensues is
the connection
inspired between the figure and the viewer.

in these works, I fuse traditional painting  practices of colour and composition
with a bold, graphic style. It is a style which evolved out of my love for painting on silk and my
affinity for direct simplicity in style and statement.

In the V Series, I have embarked upon a project of 69 paintings.  The project titled, "V" Series:
69 Paintings," is my personal mission as an artist to offer an alternative to
blatantly crass
depictions of the female body
. My intent is to tempt the senses and imagination of the viewer in
an artistically positive, playful and respectful manner.
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