Sharon Ventura
                                                    Art Critique
February 5, 2011

Professor Carter Scaggs, M.F.A.
Art Chair,
Collin College,
Dallas, Texas

"I use the term Sensual Figurative Abstracts to describe Ventura's. She has her own personal brand of eclecticism.

Ventura has several visual "influences" or "fetishes" - art nouveau motifs, French poster-like treatment of space,
voluptuous, feminine pulchritude, references to the sensual surfaces of silk painting - that inform and pervade her
work. She must paint with these motifs, as this is what drives her aesthetically and visually.

It is true that Ventura picks and chooses a bit from art historical "models", but her work is not a contrived, planned
or fragmented mish-mash of earlier works/artists. Each piece she creates is unique and original and could only
come into being via her skillful, deft handling and synthesis of all these motifs.

All artists "borrow" from others, but the key is indeed to "seamlessly synthesize" the parts, allow the viewer to
transcend the source material, and show them something completely new on the other side. This Ventura does.

Sharon Ventura’s style of painting falls under the category of Figurative Abstract. But to better describe her work,
one also needs to add that her paintings are sensuous, lusciously coloured abstractions of the female form."
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